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Become a 1XBET partner & earn money online in your region in Africa


[1xbet partner program] Many of you are wondering how to become a 1xbet partner and earn money online on all the sports bets that will be made thanks to your actions. Note that 1xbet is one of the biggest bookmakers who have made things easier in this area. The principle is simple. We will describe it to you in the following paragraphs how to become a 1xbet partner in your country in a few steps. Whether you are in Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, and anywhere in Africa or Europe, the principle is simple. But first, let’s introduce 1xbet for those who don’t know the sports betting business before continuing.

About 1XBET Partner program

1xbet first sports betting company

1xbet first sports betting company

1xbet is an online sports betting agency, or a sports betting company if you will. It is one of the most dynamic and open bookmakers regarding sports betting in all disciplines in the world (Football, Handball, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Table tennis, Virtual Games, Floorball , Athletics, Badminton,…). All disciplines have been taken into account.

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1xbet today allows you to place bets directly online to make life easier for all bettors. Thanks to a well-built website, an Android & iOS mobile application, you can bet directly from your living room, in the car, during a match, etc. No need to leave the house, or go to a kiosk with all the risk that this can cause to make your deposits, or withdrawals when you win. Everything is now done by VISA, MASTERCARD, MOBILE MONEY if you are in Africa (Orange, MTN, FLOOZ, WARI, AIRTEL,…).

This is precisely why the company has set up a 1xbet partner program, to allow everyone to work at their own level and independently, and also to earn money on all the bets that take place. will do through his actions. We give you more details below.

1XBET partner: How does this partnership work?

The 1xbet Bookmaker has thought about it well in advance, and has simplified the procedure. Thus, everyone can become a partner in their locality. The principle is simple for anyone who wants to earn money online by being a sports betting partner.

<strong>REGISTER AS PARTNER</strong>

You must communicate in your locality, on your pages on social networks, in your website if you have any, and wherever you can about online sports betting, and 1xbet in particular. When you become a partner, the bookmaker provides you with a special link. Any registration via this link will be recorded as coming from you. And on all the bets the person makes, you will win 25% without thinking. This is normal, because you were the one who brought in the bettor. It is thanks to your communication actions that he came.

 » 1xbet partner-ship strategy « 

It is with this strategy that 1xbet very quickly became one of the largest bookmakers in Africa and in the world. Because it hardly invests in the rental of betting rooms, it no longer recruits staff, … But the partners, each in their city or country, do the work directly, and win. The business gets 75%, and the bettor gets 25%. No need to say that the winnings are withdrawn by the payment methods I have listed above.

Pay to become a partner? No ! No payment is required to become a partner. You sign up and start communicating. If you are efficient you start to win. If you’re not, you don’t earn anything. However, it’s important to know that serious, hard-working partners earn an average of $ 900 a month. You lose nothing by testing.

1xbet partner program: how to register?

It’s easy to register for the program. Just go to the partner platform by clicking on the link below, fill out the form and wait. Activation is done after verification within 24 hours.

On the username part, put a username of your choice. Also choose a personal password that you will keep secret. At the site level *, if you have a website or a blog, put the link. If you don’t have one, link to your Facebook profile. It will also work.

In the payment details, choose « player account ». This is actually a player account where your future winnings will be transferred. It is the player account that has the appropriate means of payment that allows you to withdraw your winnings. You therefore need a betting account (Do not use this account for betting. It will just be used to withdraw your winnings). To do this, click on the button below to create a player account.

<strong>CREATE PLAYER ACCOUNT</strong>

Once the player account is created, you will receive an identifier (series of numbers) that you will return to use in the « Wallet number » area. Therefore, when you earn money in your partner account, they will be automatically transferred to your player account every Tuesday evening, and you can easily withdraw by the payment method that suits you. watch the video below in detail to better understand.

Make money online – 1xbet Partner affiliation program

It is indeed an affiliate program that 1xbet has set up. The powerpoint below explains everything in detail, to get you started faster.

Some key terms – 1xbet partner

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